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Devanagari Aksarabhayasah

While learning a language is independent of learning it's script or grammar there is a sense of comp..


Memory Card Game


Memory Card Game

Memory games are a fun way for language learners to reinforce new vocabulary. Matching the images wi..


Posters / Flashcards

This pack contains 32 posters which includes 18 noun posters (6 per gender) and 14 animal posters...


Samskrita Vidyarambha Teacher’s Guide

This resource provides an integrated package of flexible entry-level resources for teachers, and for..


Samskrita Vidyarambhah

This book is an introduction to the Sanskrit language. There are two parts to this course: Samskrita..


Samskrta Citra Kosah

The purpose of this Sanskrit Picture Dictionary – Samskrit citra-kosah – is to provide those new to ..


Sanskrit Prcchatu Card Games

Prcchatu means to ask a question. The is designed for tow or more players. They ask each other quest..


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